That’s the fee? That’s the same as a sh*tty car payment. True story.

Adam quotes fee. Prospect turns to partner:

“That’s all? that’s a sh*tty car payment.”

True story.

Adam went on to grow 2x in 2 years and build a waiting list of ideal prospects. Adam and I talk through the 3 strategies he used in our Open for Opportunity series.  You can watch the replays here.

Adam is currently busy managing his waiting list of qualified ideal clients and onboarding his new service advisor to keep pace with growth, his clients are holding steady, and he is too busy being open for opportunity to worry about staying open for business.

Like Adam, you can be a trusted adviser with a growing practice or, less attractive but more common, you can be stressed and struggling to keep up with demands.

Adam made a better choice and grew 2x in 2 years, delivered deeper value, took time off to get his pilot’s license, and now has a waiting list of qualified prospects. Adam and I sat down to discuss the 3 strategies he used to create these success shifts with you and how knowing the answers to these questions changed everything:

  • What you do: the real value you deliver and how to say it simple and sticky way
  • Who you do it for: how to deliver 2x the value to your “just right” clients
  • What you charge: charge what you’re worth, without apology or hesitation
  • How you do it: batch your client meetings to increase focus, amp productivity and create ample free time

Adam didn’t start out this way. Just over two years ago his prospects were equating his fees to car payments. Once he realized he needed better answers to the questions above he got clear, got focused, and got to work.

If you interested in hearing Adam and I talk through how he delivered more value to his clients, his business and his life, watch Open for Opportunity now.


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