Stephanie Bogan

Founded by Stephanie Bogan, a successful entrepreneur and business coach enjoying a wildly successful 7-figure business working 25 hours a week from the beaches of Costa Rica and the slopes of Park City.

I founded my first consulting firm at the age of 24.  At 36, I sold it in a 7-figure deal to a Fortune 200 company, where I joined the Executive Team.  After four years integrating and scaling our offerings across thousands of advisors, I left Fortune 200 life to join United Capital as SVP of Training and Client Experience where I worked on the national practice model, training center and client experience successfully adopted by thousands of advisors and acquired by Goldman Sachs.   

In 2014, with a respected career that left me financially successful but personally unsatisfied, I retired to the beach in Costa Rica to continue my search for something more satisfying.  This is where my real learning began.

I spent years studying the science of success and happiness searching for the elusive something ‘more and better’ hidden somewhere between the lines of my success. What I found blew my mind.

The secret to experiencing greater success, happiness, health, wealth and well-being is not to master your methods but rather to master your mindset.  

It turns out that the secret to our success is hidden in the science of our behavior.

Limitless helps Financial Advisors and Founders create bigger, better futures – on their terms. After learning how to build a business without limits, Stephanie’s focus is teaching advisors how to build a wildly successful business and a life that they love.

In her 25 year career, Stephanie has consulted and coached top firms, thought leaders and C-suite leaders to greater success. A regular speaker and writer, Stephanie authored The Power of Practice Management (Bloomberg Press), has written for every major publication, including a past column for Financial Planning magazine and continues to write the Limitless Adviser column for Investment News. She is also a regular contributor to Financial Advisor, and Advisor Perspectives.

Success that sets you apart.

Is there a “spark” that separates those who achieve unlimited success, wealth, and happiness? Is it talent and skill? Drive and ambition? Pinstripes and power ties? Is it reserved for a select few? Are successful people smarter, better, or just plain lucky?

I believe there’s a different story about the spark that ignites our commitment to bring about the change needed to build a bigger, better future.  

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