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Stephanie Bogan is a successful entrepreneur, business coach, speaker and author helping Financial Advisors and Founders create wildly successful businesses and lives that they love while she works 25 hours a week from the beaches of Costa Rica and slopes of Park City.  

Guidance Grounded in Experience

The 2021 faculty of thought leaders, experts and advisor coaches all practice what they preach, live what they teach and enjoy a business and life without limits. Each of our programs integrates decades of knowledge and know-how from successful leaders and advisors across the profession.   

Thought Leaders

Faculty leader

Michael Kitces


Expert in Almost Everything


faculty leader

Carl Richards

Behavior Gap

Lover of advice, hater of Power Points

Expert Coaches

faculty coach

Alyse McConnell

A2 Coaching

Executive Coach

faculty coach

Natalie Bergsma


Practice Coach

Advisor Coaches

Advisor coach

Adam Cmejla

Integrated Planning

advisor coach

Andrew Van Buren

Aventus Wealth

advisor coach

Benjamin Brandt

Capital City Wealth Management

Advisor coach

Tanya Nichols

Align Financial

advisor coach

Tiffany Charles

Destiny Capital

Limitless Team


Amy Galli

Program Director

costa rica

Lisa Vander

Experience & Engagement Manager


Allison Foulk

Content Manager


Leona Abrahao

Advisor Support Specialist

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