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Once you’ve applied the 9 shifts to your practice, you’ll keep learning, growing and expanding on your success.   The Legacy program offers alumni with three or more years of participation in Limitless coaching to continue to enjoy the coaching, courses and community that support your success and well-being, at a reduced price.

What’s Included in Limitless Legacy Coaching

Included with Lifestyle Legacy ($3,600):

  • For advisors with three plus years in Limitless Lifestyle coaching
  • Ongoing access to the Limitless Lifestyle program at a reduced price
  • Priority access to in-person events and specialized courses
  • 10% discount on events and courses

What’s included in Limitless Leaders Coaching

  • For members with three or more years of Limitless Leaders coaching
  • Ongoing access to Lifestyle monthly Peak Coaching Calls, Coaching Tribe and Practice Library 
  • Attendance at Spring and Fall 1-½ day Leaders Retreat for continued coaching, collaboration and community to continue building on your success 
  • Keep expanding with the 2-½ day Leaders Everest Experience to continue to stay on track while moving the the needle personally and professionally
  • Three (3) consulting or coaching calls with the Coach of your choice, or mix-and-match to meet your needs (Stephanie, Executive Coach or Practice Coach)
  • Monthly Leaders Peak Practice calls to keep sharpening the saw, benefit from peer shares and expert guests
  • Monthly Leaders Cohort offers additional time for practical questions and peer collaboration  
  • Continued participation in Leaders Mastermind (if enrolled, optional)
  • Ongoing access to the Limitless Practice Library 
  • Priority access to in-person events and specialized courses
  • 10% discount on events and courses

Program Add-Ons:

Dive deeper with these add-ons

In addition to the Limitless coaching program, you have the opportunity to personalize your experience to receive customized coaching, guidance and advice:

  • Advisor Coach Cohort with Adam Cmejla CFP® for in-the-trenches advice and personal accountability
  • Personal Coaching Pass gives you one-on-one coaching support throughout the year
  • Retreat Workshops are optional, twice per year, two-day learning summits (Spring and Fall) that offer deeper coaching and personal support with hands-on work, peer collaboration and coaching support all focused on helping you roll up your sleeves to build solutions that put what you’re learning to work in your practice.
  • Lifestyle Bundle includes the Lifestyle program and both Retreats for a reduced price

The finer details...

Leaders is for graduating Lifestyle advisors and $1M-$7M+ firms who want to achieve ambitious goals for their business while having the time and freedom to enjoy it.  

Program experience

Leaders is an elite group of founders and advisors who are ready for a guided path, close peer collaboration, and expert coaching and accountability to supercharge their success and launch headlong toward their Limitless goals, all while having the time and freedom to enjoy their epic journey.

Invest in Your Success

By engaging your team and outside resources, you will be able to reduce your time spent on running the shop so you can leverage your time and talents to the utmost, focus on your growth and accelerate massive results.

Tuition Costs: $3,600 year, paid in equally monthly payments of $300

Leaders Legacy Tuition: $18,000 year, with a $3,000 deposit and balance paid in equal monthly payments of $1,250

What you can expect

We’ll bring in the leaders, founders and minds in and outside of our space who’ve ‘been there and done that’ to get the behind the scenes on how to design strategy and solutions that set your growth soaring, while keeping you grounded in living a happy life. 

Your job is to show up with a concrete commitment to creating a new kind of success and to set aside time to apply the lessons you learn.  

You're a good fit for Leaders if...​

You’re an established Founder with a $1M-$7M+ firm, ready to achieve ambitious goals while living a life you love.

You’re eager for collaboration, coaching, and accountability to help deliver massive value to your clients, lead your team, and support your peers.

You’re a firm Founder or in a position to make decisions that determine the course of the practice.

What brought me to Limitless was that my practice was “disfunctionally functional.”

On paper it was successful, but the professional quality of life was less-than-desired, which had a direct effect on personal quality of life. My biggest takeaway from Limitless was learning I was the one standing in the way of my success. I've even had time to earn my pilot's license.

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If you’re ready to lead in ways that create greater success and significance for your firm, we’d love to connect and talk about how we can help you be a more limitless leader. 

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