Launching SUCCESS 2.0: 30 Days to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever

You really can build a $1M+ practice, earn a healthy six-figure income and take 6-12 weeks off while living a life that you love.  It just requires that you look beyond your business methods to the new frontier of mastering your mindset.

If you’re feeling stuck, struggling, or even suffering the “stress of success” that overwhelms many top advisers, you may be feeling the invisible forces holding you back from building a practice that gives you the income, time and freedom to enjoy your success.

The key to a bigger, better future in 2020 isn’t in your hands, it’s in your head. Mindset is the secret shortcut to radically accelerating your success in 2020.

Two years ago, Adam was stuck, spinning his wheels and letting his practice run him.  Less than 2 years later, Adam has doubled his revenue to $500,000+, his wife quit the six-figure job she hated to stay home with their young kids and he had the time to achieve his lifelong dream of getting his pilot’s license.  Adam will share the step-by-step of how he overcame his crisis of confidence to create rapid results.

Tiffany Charles is the Chief Growth Officer of $2.5M Destiny Capital.  For years she was stuck and struggling financially, doing work she didn’t love.  Tiffany shares how she helped build a $1M firm and how she’s now applying the same practices in a larger firm with great results.  If you’re a firm striving to hit the $1M mark or an overly-complex and stressful $1M+ firm, listen to Tiffany’s insights on creating a simpler kind of success.

Adam, Tiffany and many advisers just like them learned how to see the invisible forces holding them back and un-stuck themselves to achieve results that have them experiencing their own version of Success 2.0.

Adam and Tiffany were part of our “Master the Mindset & Methods of a $1M+, 100 day off practice” webinar in November, replay here.  We got so many emails asking about “how” they did it that we decided to bring them back to take a more in-depth look at the practical “how-to-guide” with even more time for questions about how they elevated their practices to Success 2.0 faster than they could have imagined.

Build a $1M+ practice, 6-figure income & enjoy 6+ weeks off a year” 

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Adam and Tiffany learned that we each experience exactly the level of success we design for ourselves with the decisions we make.  It turns out that our mindset runs that show behind the curtain of our conscious.  By the age of 35, we are 95% pre-programmed patterns of behavior, driven by the survival wiring in our brain and the mental models we formed early in life.  This wiring and these beliefs drive most of our decisions, unwittingly subjecting us to the invisible costs of compromises that silently steer us away from our goals.   These costs show up in the form of stress and struggle, in long hours and limited results, in being pulled in 100 directions, feeling chained to the office, grinding through work you don’t enjoy, and in the income not earned and the time off not enjoyed.

Whether you have a $100,000 practice or a $10M firm is irrelevant to your mindset.  There is only where you are, where you want to be and the seemingly invisible forces that stand in the gap between here and there.  If you want different results you will have to make different decisions.

It just turns out that making different decisions is harder than it sounds.  In the interest of radical candor, I’ll simply state that you don’t need me or any other Consultant or Coach to get the information you need to be successful — you have Google.  Answers to 99% of your “pain points” can be found on Google. What can’t be found on Google is the ability to shift your mindset so that you can use that information in a way that changes your business and life.

Upgrading to Success 2.0 requires that you look beyond your business methods to master your mindset as a simpler, enjoyable way to create a wildly successful business and life that you love.

We received so many questions about how to use the strategies we shared in November we’re launching a 30-day “give-back” campaign to share insights to help you make 2020 your best year ever.  We’re calling this series Success 2.0 since it’s focused on mindset strategies you can use to upgrade to the next level of success, one that includes actually enjoying it. 

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As you look to the new year, I encourage you to learn more about how you can master your mindset to make 2020 your best year ever, whatever that means to you.

Blessings from Costa Rica,

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