Getting a handle on your head trash

You have head trash.  I can say this with confidence because you are human and all humans have head trash. Head trash is indiscriminate.  Everyone from new advisors to CEOs […]

How to say anything to a client

After last month’s column on how to let profitable clients go (link), an advisor told me that if he used my words with his clients, they would walk out enraged.  […]

How to be a trusted advisor

The world was very different when financial planning was born than it is today.  When the first class of CFP participants graduated in 1973, client’s life roadmap was clear: they […]

How to stay focused and why we lose it

If you want to grow your revenue, income, time off and satisfaction faster than you thought possible, simply follow this advice from Stephen Covey, “The main thing is to keep […]

How do you define your value?

Defining value is the most ambiguous problem in our profession.  And the inability to define value can be debilitating for you and your business prosperity. Industry research puts the alpha […]

My thank you letter to 2020

This was far from a typical year, so it’s fitting this not be a typical post. This last column of 2020 is as much about my learning as yours.   […]

The importance of taking imperfect action

I want to ask you, are you waiting to narrow your niche, raise your fees, charge for planning, launch that website, start that podcast or start marketing again during COVID? […]

Encouraging clients to live a little

Clients come to you for guidance on how to align their financial resources with the life they want to live.   So, why will they sometimes hesitate, challenge or ignore your […]

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